Vintage Teisco ? Parts, Gold Foil Pickups (read)


Vintage Teisco ? Parts, Gold Foil Pickups (read)

Vintage Guitar parts, Gold Foil Pickups.  These items were taken off an old guitar (the items that are up for auction are the first two pictures, the third picture is the body and neck of the guitar that these items were taken off of, this is NOT included in this auction.) The whole piece that is pictured in first 2 pictures is up for auction, it includes the 2 gold foil pickups, the 2 control knobs, the 2 pickup switches, the plug and the pick guard, and all the wireing. (I do not have the knobs that go on the outside of the pick guard for tone and volume)  I believe that this is from a Tiesco from the late 60′s possibly early 70′s.  I am not totaly sure about that tho, this guitar has no markings other than the plate used to hold the neck onto the body, and that just says “MADE IN JAPAN”.  My father got this from his pawn shop years ago, I remember it sitting around since I was a young kid (I’M 40 now)  I am baseing this off of research I’ve done on the internet and diffrent pictures of diffrent parts and pieces that I’ve found.  I am not selling the guitar as a whole because the last guitar I sold on here, I ended up paying way too much for the shipping (25 for a guitar box from UPS, 15 for bubble wrap and other packing supplies, and the post office charged me 15 for postage and 50 because of it being an “oversized box”)  I thought charging 100 for shipping for this guitar would be a bit excessive.  IF anyone is interested in the body and neck of the guitar I would gladly sell them, as Long as you can tell me a way to ship them that is not going to cost me a ton of money.  This is about everything that I know about this but if you have ANY questions please feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer.

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