Thomas Pacconi 1900s Reissue Guitar   Very Unique !


  Thomas Pacconi 1900′s Reissue Guitar – Very Unique !
14.5″ Lower Bout!
25.5″ Scale!
V-Brace top!



Thomas Pacconi 1900′s Reissue Guitar – Very Unique !

Never had one of these before! What a welcome break from the ‘cookie-cutter’ stuff I usually see. Seems inspired by the highly desirable turn-of-the-century Washburn, Lyon-Healy, and Martin medium body guitars that are finger-picking delights. Good/average condition, decent neck too! Will require new strings and personal setup only. There is a tight hairline between the inner bridge pegs – can probably just fill them (very stable, last pic). One fret may have been replaced (lighter color – shouldn’t ruin anyone’s day).


Jump on this opportunity! 

 Sold ‘as-is’, needs have been described. Needs strings, & personal setup is suggested - offered as project only.  If there is any chance that you would NOT be happy with doing your own set-up, please DO NOT bid on this guitar. I’d rather avoid any unpleasantness because of unmet expectations. 

I will not accept a return on this item due to shipping charges and it’s vulnerability as a potentially fragile item. Again – terms of sale – ‘as-is’, no returns or ‘adjustments’. That being said, I hope that the guitar finds a good home. In the right hands, it’s well worth consideration!

 Please see my other auctions – more rare parts!!!!



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