1939 Gibson Es 150


1939 Gibson Es 150

This guitar needs restoration and has had some awful things done to it over the years. The photos tell the story. Still it's an unusual opportunity for a vintage restoration. It's missing the original tuners, knob and pick-guard. The electronics seem to be original. Much work needs to be done as you can see. From my research this would be the second year of the worlds first production electric guitar.
Looking at a page printed off the internet  from .provide.net/~cfh/gibson3.html  this guitar fits the description of the 1936-1937 perfectly and not so much the 1939 change to the pickup..  ???  i am not the best expert in these things...

question:When you look inside, do you see that bracings are intact and correctly glued ? ( top and back)Thank
the x brace had been cut when the second pickup was installed.. it was "repaired" as best as we could manage working through the small holes .. tapping on the top and back i do not hear anything rattling it sounds very solid. -- Doug
question: is there a case? 
no case.. however i will buy a cheap chipboard case for shipping 
question: Just want to confirm with you the  the neck profile “thin” or “fat”?

neck width @ nut 1.725" @ body 2.240" neck thickness @ 1st fret .952"  @ 9th fret 1.062"
V profile 
question:About the guitar, again a question about the finishing. Is it something on the wood now ? Is it possible to precise that point ?
there is no finish on this guitar at all the back and sides still have the stain in the wood but otherwise it has been stripped.. i didn't do this it came to me this way.
Dear somervellguitars,

Is the darker, rectangular piece of spruce covering the second pickup hole actually glued in place? Or is that still left loose for access?

it is cedar. it is glued in. I didn't do it!!!!